City of Alexandria prepares for anticipated severe weather


ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - With the threat of severe weather Friday night and Saturday morning, the City of Alexandria says city workers are "following standard protocols" to prepare for the storm.

“The safety of our citizens is our primary concern,” said Alexandria Mayor Jeffrey W. Hall. “We don’t know exactly where the storm will go or how strong it will be until it gets here, so the time for residents to make preparations is now. We are watching the situation closely, and the city is ready to respond immediately if we have storm-related damage.”

Utility Systems Director Michael Marcotte announced that crews are working to make sure drains are cleared, removing debris and having emergency response supplies prepared and ready.

Marcotte also emphasized that while residents are still cleaning up from the December 16 tornado, to wait until after this weekend's storm before putting any waste by the curb to be picked up.

“That debris could be blown or washed into drains and cause water to backup,” Marcotte said. “We really appreciate everyone’s help on this.”

The city says crews are working to collect as much debris that is already on curbs, but for residents to not add more. You can call the Sanitation Department at 318-441-6080 to report debris that needs to be picked up.

Property owners are also encouraged to secure any remaining scrap metal and debris.

Many residents are still concerned about the debris at Johnny Downs Sports Complex. In response, the city says that "workers plan to remove or secure as much debris as they can today and Friday. However, it will take weeks for the city and contractors to remove all of the debris, much of which is too large to remove quickly."

If you experience power outages in Alexandria, you can report them online on the AlexConnects app. If you see downed wires, poles, etc., please report them to the Electric Distribution Department at 318-473-1301.

Always avoid downed power lines and flooded areas. If possible, stay indoors and do not travel during the storm.

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