City of Alexandria warns residents of utility scam

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (City of Alexandria) - Alexandria Utility Systems customer service representatives have received reports from residents indicating they have been contacted by scammers threatening to disconnect their utilities.

The scammers are telling customers that their utility services are about to be disconnected and that they must immediately pay their outstanding charges by credit or debit card over the phone to avoid being disconnected. If the customer says they don’t have a credit or debit card, the scammer instructs them to purchase a “green dot” card at the dollar store and then call an 877 or 800 number.

The City of Alexandria and Alexandria Utility Systems employees do not call residents and demand payment over the phone, nor does the city ask customers to purchase pre-paid “green dot” cards. If a City of Alexandria customer receives a call demanding payment, they should hang up and contact the Alexandria Police Department at 318-449-5099.

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