City of Alexandria warns residents to beware people impersonating city workers

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The City of Alexandria is warning the public to beware of people impersonating city workers.

Image Source: City of Alexandria

Here's a release the City sent out to the public on Sunday:

"The City of Alexandria has received a report indicating individuals approached a homeowner and identified themselves as Alexandria Water Department employees. They asked to enter the home in order to collect water samples. There is no doubt this was a hoax. The City of Alexandria reminds residents that any time city employees need to come to a person’s home or office they will always be wearing proper city-issued uniforms, will have city-issued ID badges with photo ID and workers should arrive in a city-marked vehicle. If someone approaches a residence and says they are a city employee but does not have the proper credentials and is not in a city-marked vehicle, please contact police immediately."

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