City of Pineville to replace streetlights with LED lighting

PINEVILLE, La. (City of Pineville) - Through participation in the Louisiana Public Service Commission Energy Efficiency Quick Start Program, the City of Pineville is replacing all 1,800 of its streetlight fixtures with LED lighting.

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Initial estimates have the project saving the city $79,679.34 yearly. Work is already underway and looks to be completed later this fall.

"We are very excited about this lighting infrastructure improvement project and thankful to the LPSC and Cleco for this grant opportunity," said Pineville Mayor Clarence Fields. "There's no way we could implement this massive upgrade on our own. This is a huge investment in our city that will generate significant savings."

The Quick Start Program, funded in part by Cleco, is a statewide energy efficiency program designed by the LPSC to help residential and commercial electric utility customers, local governments and public institutions save energy and ultimately save money. The five commissioners oversee the awarding and disbursement of grant funds in their respective districts.

"It has been my great pleasure to assist Pineville in this forward-thinking endeavor, " said Commissioner Mike Francis, District IV. "As a public servant and your public service commissioner, my oath is to serve the public. I think this project does just that for the folks of Pineville."

Commissioner Francis has awarded a total of $2.8 million to municipalities, schools, hospitals and courthouses throughout his district, which consists mainly of the parishes in Central Louisiana. The City of Pineville was awarded $1,339,264.78 for upgrades to residential streetlights and creational lighting.

“Making the switch to LED lighting is more energy-efficient because LEDs use less electricity, require less maintenance and last two times longer,” said Shane Hilton, president of Cleco Power. “Together, these benefits will save energy and ultimately save the City of Pineville money."

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