ACDS teacher starts business helping other teachers get ready for first day of class

ALEXANDRIA, La. After a relaxing summer break, coming back to a classroom full of clutter can be overwhelming for teachers.

But, now there is someone to help with that.

While stacks of books and boxes of supplies might sound like a nightmare, local Pre-K teacher Allison Covington has a passion for organizing.

"My kids and my husband tease me about it a lot because I do like things very organized," Covington said. "My classroom is very organized. I like things color coded, numbered and labeled. It just makes life a lot easier."

Covington recently started her business, The Class-y Organizer, this summer.

She helps her clients unpack, reorganize, decorate and clean out their classrooms.

Lisa Crain has been teaching for 30 years. However, organizing is not her specialty.

"My mom is very organized, but she did not pass that gene down to me," Crain said.

So, this service is worth every penny to her.

"I had a lot of stuff, and it just felt so good," Crain said. "I mean I even had cassette tapes in there and that's kind of embarrassing to even say at this point of the game, but I had cassette tapes! So, it was just good to do a purge."

Covington offers free consultations and charges $80 for two hours and $120 for four.

However, being a teacher herself, she understands budgets can be tight and offers a flexible payment plan.

She said an organized classroom simply runs more smoothly.

"When things are organized and you can put your hands on materials that are right there, that cuts down on the downtime," Covington said. "Which, also cuts down on some discipline issues in your classroom."

She said her favorite part of this new venture is seeing the joy in a clients face.

"I like the part where the teachers go, 'Oh my gosh, this feels so good,'" Covington said. "Because, I want it to be their happy place. I mean we spend more time in our classrooms than we do at home."

Are you a teacher looking to get your classroom prepared for the new school year?

If you would like a free consult from The Class-y Organizer email Allison Covington at

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