Community Feeding Day: Local church serves up hot meals

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Saturday may have been chilly, but a church on Third Street opened their doors to give anyone a hot meal.

It was a part of Greater New Zion Missionary Baptist Church's 'Community Feeding Day'.

Church leaders advertised all around town and on social media to spread the word.

They spent all morning in the kitchen and created more than 150 hot plates to feed anyone who accepted their warm invitation.

While their ultimate goal is to meet needs in the community, they also hope the visitors will join them for worship on Sunday.

"Chili and rice, it is a cold day," said church Pastor Gregory Clark. "We thought it would be good. Motivated to do this by way of seeing people on the street corners, knowing that they are hungry. Seeing people under these bridges and such. It was our opportunity to reach out and give back to the community."

Clark said he wants to feed the community quarterly, but hopes other churches will join to help make it a monthly event.

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