Congressman Conaway pushing legislation for federal study of George W. Bush childhood home

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) - Congressman Mike Conaway (R-TX) is calling for the federal examination of President George W. Bush’s childhood home. Conaway says the Midland property is important because it helped shape the president. He says studying the property could help it become part of the National Park Service.

Congressman Conaway (R-TX) says protecting the home is crucial so Americans can see where President Bush spent his formative years.

"This just takes it to another step, and it’s an important step that I think is worthy and deserving," said Conaway.

It was home sweet home for a young George W. Bush. Conaway thinks this important piece of real estate deserves federal recognition, so he created the George W. Bush Childhood Home Act.

"It would mean this is another step toward getting it in the national registry and having it officially preserved for folks to enjoy...for as long as we’ve got a country," said Conaway.

Bush was five years old when his family moved into the home.

"How did the community that he grew up in mold him into the man that aspired to become President of the United States and convinced Americans to elect him twice," said Conaway.

His legislation calls for the Department of Interior to study the home for a maximum of three years, in the end sending an evaluation to Congress determining whether it should be protected as part of the National Park Service.

"Based on a preliminary look it certainly looks like this facility, with everything that’s been done to preserve it, all the property around it has been purchased, meets all those criteria," said Conaway.

With the home being part of the National Park Service Conaway says tourism in the area will rise. Money to fund the study will come from taxpayers, but Conaway says it will not be too expensive. The main goal right now is to get the legislation passed quickly so the department can begin the study.

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