Construction for Pineville roundabout set to begin Monday

Published: May. 12, 2020 at 1:27 PM CDT
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Construction for the highly anticipated Pineville roundabout will be underway in just less than a week.

“It’s a $1 million contract that’s been issued by the Department of Transportation and Development,” said Chief of Staff Rich Dupree.

The project will start on May 18 at the corner of Susek and Edgewood Drives.

“Basically, it’s about a two-block area right in front of the junior high school,” Dupree said.

The DOTD claims the addition will make for a safer, smoother commute.

Dupree said, “The roundabout is a recommendation from the traffic engineer for the DOTD to help move traffic better.”

The project is set to be done before school is back in session in the fall.

“The contractor has 70 calendar days to get it finished, so the hope and the plan is to have it finished by the end of July.”

Beginning Monday, the intersection will be blocked off for those 70 days, and drivers will be rerouted. But the benefits of the first-ever roundabout in Pineville will be worth the short inconvenience.

“I think as things progress, it is the future of moving traffic, not only in Central Louisiana, but we see it across the country,” Dupree added. “So, just be patient during the construction phase.”

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