Controversy surrounds Leeville's police chief position

Credit: KALB
Credit: KALB(KALB)
Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 11:40 PM CST
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There is controversy in the City of Leesville surrounding the office of "Police Chief"

Previously, the city decided to make “Chief of Police” a part-time position.

According to Leesville Mayor Rick Allen, the change saved the city $70,000.

However, earlier this week the civil service board opposed the city's idea and voted to change the job back to a full-time position.

If the job turns into a full-time position, the city will most likely lose its current chief Greg Hill, who was retired in 2015, as the retirement board will not allow him to collect his retirement and full-time pay at the same time.

“The civil service board I understand, voted the other night to make that position back to a full-time position, which they have not authority to do so,” Mayor Allen said. “The Civil Service Board's task is to identify the class of that position, but they have no authority to determine if that position is full-time or part-time. That's the job of the city council and the mayor. So basically, what they did don't mean much.”

Mayor Allen also said the city does not plan on changing its stance on the issue, and the job will remain a part-time position.

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