Could Rapides Parish School employees see a December stipend?

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - All Rapides Parish School employees could see an extra $500 in their bank accounts, just in time for the holidays. The school board discussed a December stipend at Tuesday's meeting.

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The motion, originally made by board members Wilton Barrios and Darrell Rodriquez, was for a $700 stipend. That sum was based on the district's more than $4 million surplus.

But, Superintendent Jeff Powell informed the board that they may soon face a $1 million deficit. Powell said that is because the district has lost 150 students since February.

Rodriguez made a substitute motion for a $500 stipend. Employees would need to do additional duties for that stipend.

"We would identify basically a two week period where principals can have their employees work for an additional hour a day, for up to four days," Superintendent Powell said. "Staff can have their folks working the additional time to do whatever is required for that department, or for those schools."

The district hasn't seen a December stipend for a few years. The full board will meet again on November 5.

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