DA plans to use Vernon Holden's written apology to APD officer as confession

Vernon Holden (Source: RPSO)

RAPIDES PARISH, La. (KALB) - The Rapides Parish District Attorney's Office has notified Vernon Holden, 51 of Alexandria, the man arrested by the Alexandria Police Department in January for holding a gun to an officer's head during a stop for a traffic violation, that they plan to use statements he made in a handwritten motion for a bond reduction as a confession.

Back in February, Holden filed his own handwritten motion for a bond reduction. He was being held without bond following the January incident and he wanted his bond reduced to $10,000.

Holden is charged with battery of a police officer, obstruction of a public passage, armed robbery with a firearm, two counts of disarming a police officer, two counts of firearm possession by a felon, and resisting arrest with force or violence.

In that motion, Holden blamed the incident, in which he allegedly used the officer's TASER against him before holding a gun to his head, as "cultural differences," stating: "The officer is alive and is probably a due diligent peace officer trying to do his job, but perhaps due to cultural differences, he misunderstood me and I him. Again, I apologize for that."

Holden also apologized for his actions and wrote "there was never any intent to harm any police officer."

After reading that motion, the DA's Office filed an Article 768 notice, which clues the defendant in that the statements he made will be used as a confession against him. They also plan to use any statements Holden made to the officer who was trying to arrest him.

Holden is being represented by Allen Smith. The case is being prosecuted by Kelvin Sanders.

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