DOTD shares Pineville roundabout plans at open house

PINEVILLE, La. (KALB) - Will a roundabout be coming to the Susek Drive area in Pineville? The question gained a lot of attention last week leading up to a DOTD open house on the issue Wednesday afternoon.

Over 100 community members stopped by to learn more about the project and had the chance to give their opinion.

It was held in the Pineville Junior High School cafeteria. After signing in, folks could visit different stations to learn about what a roundabout is versus a traffic circle, see visuals on what it will look like and learn how it would fit into their community.

DOTD and City of Pineville officials stood by to answer any questions or concerns.

DOTD PIO Erin Buchanan said they are always looking for areas that would benefit from a roundabout. She said despite public concern, there are more pros than cons.

"In terms of the cons of a roundabout, there aren't very many," Buchanan said. "Typically they work extremely well and we find once they are implemented, and once they are installed, people take to them very well."

The DOTD provided a station for visitors to write down any comments about the proposal. Some feared there wasn't enough space for the roundabout. One couple said they just moved to a house on the intersection in January and are worried about their property.

"We were excited about a roundabout because we've traveled roundabouts in Pennsylvania and Alaska, but we were concerned with it being in our front yard," said Susek Drive resident Misty Dickinson.

Others said it may hurt more than it will help.

"It's going to cause a lot more traffic accidents," said Susek Drive resident Edwin Ware. "The whole time we have lived there we have not known anyone that has ever seen a traffic accident occur that is Edgewood and Susek. So, I don't know where they are getting their statistics from."

Community members who missed the meeting still have 10 days to fill out a comment card. Those cards along with handouts and visuals from the meeting can be found on the DOTD's website. Visit the attached link for more information.

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