Deadline approaching for Louisiana teachers to apply for free tuition

RAPIDES PARISH, La. (KALB) - Louisiana teachers could soon have the opportunity to get more education with the state picking up the tab.

The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education is setting aside about $25,000 to fund a free fall semester for 100 teachers.

"The most important in-school factor on student success is the teachers in the classroom, and we are looking to provide every opportunity we can to help our teachers grow and improve," said BESE Vice President Holly Boffy. "The better our teachers get the better our students will get."

Those applicants will be prioritized if they are taking science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) courses, if they teach in a rural district or if their school is labeled 'comprehensive intervention required'.

Applicants that aren't chosen can apply for the Board of Regents Classroom Teacher Enrollment Program. This program matches teachers with colleges or universities that have open classroom seats after their add/drop period.

Rapides Parish Schools Human Resource Director Naomi Jones said she encouraged teachers to apply.

"It's all worth it, especially with the way our world is moving," Jones said. "With our kids that are going to be going into business industries that will deal specifically with science, technology, engineering and math. This is a great way for our teachers to step out there, learn more, so that they can have our kids prepared for those type of jobs and industries."

Both programs do not cover additional fees outside of tuition. The deadline to apply for BESE's tuition program is July 23. For more information on how to apply visit the attached link.

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