Dedication ceremony held to rename Riverfront Center after Mayor Randolph

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Officials and community members gathered at the newly renamed Randolph Riverfront Center to honor the man it was named after.

Late longtime Alexandria Mayor Ned Randolph | Photo Courtesy of the Randolph Family

On Tuesday, officials held the dedication ceremony for the building renamed after the late longtime Alexandria Mayor, Ned Randolph.

Formerly known as the Alexandria Riverfront Center, last year Alexandria City Council under Mayor Jacques Roy's administration voted to rename the riverfront center after Randolph.

At Tuesday's ceremony, the family of Randolph received a plaque dedicating the name change.

Mayor Jeff Hall also declared Sept. 9 as Ned Randolph Day in the city.

Signage across the building has been changed as well to show the new name.

Cenla politicians who knew Randolph spoke at the event, remembering their colleague, friend and mentor.

"We had a great ride together, Ned and I," said Chuck Fowler, Alexandria City Councilman. "We will miss him."

It was also a time for Randolph's family to reflect on his years of service.

"He would have never expected what happened today to happen but I'm sure it would fill him with great pride and joy that this was done," said Deborah Randolph, Ned's wife.

Randolph served as mayor of the city from 1986-2006.

Before his lengthy career as mayor, Randolph was also a member of the Louisiana House of Representatives in the 1970s and the state senate in the late 1970s to late 1980s.

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