Diocese of Alexandria releases names of 3 former clergy accused of sexual abuse

Published: Jun. 21, 2019 at 7:07 PM CDT
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On Friday, the Diocese of Alexandria released the names of three additional clergy against whom there have been credible allegations of sexual abuse of minors.

Fr. Adrian Molenschot has allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse of male minors dating back to the 1960s. He died in December 1994.

Fr. Nino Viviano has an allegation of sexual misconduct and abuse of a female minor dating back to the early 1960s. He is currently 91-years-old and living in a nursing home in Florida. He retired in 1998 and his facilities for ministry were not extended to him since that time. He is currently suffering from the advanced stages of dementia and was not capable of participating in the review of this most recent allegation.

Fr. Yves Robitaille has an allegation of sexual misconduct and abuse of a male minor dating back to the mid-1950s. He retired in May 1990 and died on July 27, 1998 at the age of 72.

Evidence for all three were presented to the Permanent Review Board and the allegations were deemed credible.

The Diocese of Alexandria pledges to provide updates to the list of credibly accused clergy as new information becomes available and as reported by authorities. They said they hope these updates provide healing and closure and show their commitment to transparency and accountability.

The individuals added to the list are not currently in active ministry and have not been for many years and the allegations were brought to the Diocese of Alexandria’s attention only recently.

The entire list, including any updates will always be available on the diocesan website at the attached link.

If you suspect sexual abuse of a minor by a cleric or church worker or volunteer:

FIRST, call the Louisiana Child Abuse Hotline, 855-4LA-KIDS (855-452-5437) and/or your local law enforcement agency. THEN, call the diocesan Victims Assistance Coordinator, Dr. Lee Kneipp, Clinical Psychologist, (318) 542-9805.

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