Dog drowns after owner straps it to diver's belt

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LEESBURG, Fla. (WESH) - A Florida man has been arrested after authorities say he strapped his dog into a weighted diver's belt and made it jump into a lake.

Image Source: NBC / WESH

Witnesses told deputies that Dennys Jose Luque appeared to be doing "some type of exercise" with the German Shepherd at a boat landing on Lake Harris in Leesburg.

The dog repeatedly jumped off a boat ramp chasing a ball while wearing a 13-pound weighted belt. At some point, the dog jumped into the water and didn't resurface. Several people, including Luque, jumped into the water to retrieve the dog but were not successful.

Witnesses said the Luque searched for five minutes, then left the park, telling them "these things happen."

Deputies found the dog's body late Sunday night still wearing the weighted belt.

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