Dogs removed from residence after complaints


ALEXANDRIA, La. (APD) - On Tuesday evening, concerned citizens contacted the Alexandria Animal Control Office and the Alexandria Police Department in response to images of an emaciated dog on social media.

Officers from both departments found the dog's owner in the area of Levin and Essie Streets. The owner was issued a citation.

During a follow-up on Wednesday morning, APD officers, along with the Animal Control Supervisor, returned to the residence and contacted the owner. The dog in question, along with a second dog, were taken into the custody of Animal Control officers for a veterinary examination. The second dog was not emaciated but was collected for examination and for prophylaxis against disease.

APD is offering their thanks to the original posters who brought this issue to light, and to those who contacted authorities. Please remember that posting something online is not a substitute for calling and making a police report. If you see or suspect criminal activity, call the police.

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