Down Home LA: 60 Years of Dixie

A baseball resting at Ward 9 Sports Complex during a Pineville All-Stars practice.
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PINEVILLE, LA. (KALB) - 60 years ago, Bubba Brasher and his WW2 Veteran friends felt kids loved to play baseball so much; they deserved to play it their entire childhood, even after they became teenagers. That thought led to the birth of the Dixie Boys Baseball League that’s grown into a multi-million dollar sports association that attracts teams across 11 southern states to compete in the World Series.

This year’s tournament is being held in Pineville at Ward 9 in honor of where it all began 60 years ago.

One of the teams competing for the title is the host team – the Pineville All-Stars. Most of the boys on this team have played together since they were in tee-ball. In fact, two years ago, Down Home Louisiana featured their 2014 season after they won the Louisiana state championships and went on to play in the Dixie Youth World Series.

To hear from the team and organizers of this year’s Dixie Boys World Series, click on the video above. For tournament information, please see the brackets attached to this article.