Down Home LA: The Hessmer Honeyman

Jimmy Gauthier seals a jar of Camelot Honey.
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HESSMER, LA. (KALB) - One house guest at the Gauthier’s home in Hessmer described their garden as having “rooms.” Each little twist and turn under the veil of large trees reveals a delightful new corner to stop and smell the lilies. People work for years to develop a backyard oasis like theirs, but in their defense, they do have quite a few helpers. Thousands, actually.

A quick walk down Jimmy Gauthiers property reveals his newfound passion in retirement: bees. He owns about fifty hives, each containing around 50,000 bees. Like most hobbies, his started small, but once word got out about the “Hessmer Honeyman,” there was no turning back.

“When a swarm showed up in someone’s front yard, they would call me to go get it,” said Gauthier. “It just grew from there.”

Now he has a storage shed piled high with honey he’s branded “Camelot” because they only employ “happy bees.”

While working with his hives, the Honeyman has a stinger sharp sense of humor.

“If everybody worked like these bees,” said Gauthier holding one of his hives hard at work, “there would be no unemployment.”

Take a look at the video above to see Jimmy Gauthier in action in this week’s installment of Down Home Louisiana.