Down power line left Scroggs Road residents in Centerpoint without power

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CENTERPOINT, La. (KALB) - Residents on Scroggs Road in Centerpoint were left without power after strong winds from Tropical Storm Barry knocked down a tree over a power line.

Photo Source: KALB

The downed transformer luckily remained intact, and no one was injured.

We spoke with one resident, Bobby Bordelon, who witnessed the damage.

“Well, I was sitting on the porch and a wind gust just came through," Bordelon said. "I heard it start cracking and I looked out and I saw it falling. I said ‘I hope it doesn’t hit the wires.’ Then I saw the transformer hit the ground, and that was it!"

Cleco representatives told residents that power likely will not be restored until Sunday.

“I told them just to be safe," Bordelon said. "I have been without lights before. I just want everyone to be safe.”

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