Downtown Alexandria restaurants begin reopening dining rooms

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ALEXANDRIA, LA (KALB) - After a couple of months of being closed, some downtown restaurants are reopening again. With many offices closed, traffic in downtown Alexandria has been light.

Word of Mouth Cafe reopened Wednesday for lunch, with outdoor and indoor seating available as well as a pickup window. | Source: KALB

But now that places like the Rapides Parish Courthouse are seeing people again, some restaurants are back to serving lunches and dinners.

The Bentley Room restaurant, Tamp & Grind Coffee, and the Diamond Grill have all reopened their dining rooms. Cafe DeSoto is offering outdoor dining and family meals for pickup. Embers is still closed right now, but they posted on their Facebook page that they're working on a reopening date. Word of Mouth Café- a favorite downtown lunch spot- spent its last day open in March giving out free lunches to the elderly. On Wednesday they finally reopened their doors for lunch.

"I feel a sense of purpose again," said owner John Gunter. "I mean I work a lot. I love what I do. I did make the best- like everybody else that was forced to stay home- and enjoy the time with my sons. I have this burning desire to just try to get things back rolling down here and just do what we can. We've missed the people. We miss cooking. We miss plating food. I think that the public is ready for us also."

Word of Mouth Cafe is offering both inside and outside dining options, as well as a pickup window if you'd rather get your fish tacos, pot roast, or shrimp pasta to-go. The café is open Monday-Friday.

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