Emergency leader concerned siren was hard to hear in Waikiki

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HONOLULU (AP) - The administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency is concerned about complaints that a recent test of an attack warning siren could barely be heard in tourist mecca Waikiki.

(Image Source: MGN)

Vern Miyagi says the agency is looking into moving or repositioning sirens. He says officials need to better communicate the test to tourists.

The agency has also received complaints about difficulty hearing the siren in other parts of the state.

Threat of a nuclear missile attack from North Korea prompted Hawaii to reintroduce a siren that hasn't been heard since the end of the Cold War. The wailing tone sounded for about a minute after a regular, monthly test of a siren for natural disasters.

Specifics about last week's test will be available when the agency completes its report by mid-month.

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