Emergency protective order placed on Kayla Giles in Oklahoma same day her house caught fire

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WAGONER COUNTY, Okla. (KALB) - The day before an intentionally set fire burned down a Pineville home belonging to Kayla Giles and the late Thomas Coutee, Jr., an emergency protective order was issued against Giles by the father of one of her children in Wagoner County, Okla.

Source: RPSO

Giles is charged with shooting and killing her estranged husband, Coutee, Jr., in an Alexandria Walmart parking lot in Sept. 2018. The father was given custody of the daughter in Oklahoma after the shooting took place.

According to Hope Lafleur, the court administrator for the 9th Judicial District Court in Rapides Parish, permission was granted beginning on Jan. 24 via e-mail between Giles’ attorney George Higgins and Judge Greg Beard to allow Giles to travel to Oklahoma for the following time periods: 1/31-2/2, 2/6-2/9 and 3/11-3/13. We’re told the visit that was supposed to be on 1/31-2/2 never took place.

According to Lafleur, the e-mails mention visitation of a “son.”

According to a complaint filed by the father on Feb. 7, he claimed that immediately after Giles bailed out of jail in Rapides Parish on Dec. 5, she tried to contact their daughter “who does not want to talk to Kayla.” He then blocked the number from which she was calling him, as well as her sister’s number. She also reached out to him via Facebook, but he never responded. On Feb. 6, the father said Giles showed up at his house asking to speak to their daughter. When their daughter heard her mother’s voice, “she began shaking and crying uncontrollably.” The father locked the door and hid with his daughter in the house while he called 9-1-1.

He ended the report by expressing concern for his and his daughter’s safety.

“My daughter witnessed her mother shoot her step-father and kill him,” he wrote. “I am afraid Kayla will at least try to manipulate my daughter or worse if she is allowed to have contact with her. I am afraid Kayla will try to harm me for not allowing contact with (daughter).”

A hearing date for the order was originally set for Monday, Feb. 10, but the Wagoner County Clerk of Court tells us that Giles did not show. The hearing has been pushed back to Feb. 24. No lawyers have been listed for either two.

Giles, who is currently awaiting trial for a second degree murder and obstruction of justice charge, remains out on $510,000 bond, which she posted in December. As part of her bond conditions, Giles must stay within Rapides Parish, she is prohibited from owning or possessing weapons, she is prohibited from contact with Coutee, Jr.'s family, she must forfeit a passport, and she must comply with a gag order. Giles is also currently wearing an ankle monitor.

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