Family members and neighbors mourn the loss of 4 victims killed in house fire

Published: Mar. 1, 2020 at 11:36 PM CST
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Imagine your worst nightmare, multiply it times 10 and maybe...just maybe you could possibly envision what an Alexandria family who lost 4 loved ones is dealing with right now.

On Sunday morning a fire started around midnight at a home on Wainwright Street in Alexandria, neighbors said many gathered outside waiting to see if everyone made it out safely.

“I got home a little after 12 last night and the road was blocked off tons of police, fire trucks, and power trucks,” Izzy Hunt, a neighbor said.

According to the family, inside of the home was Verlana Cooper, 48, Jayda Cooper, 7, Brooklyn Cooper, 4, and 4 month old Dreya Russaw.

"They were the sweetest little girls you could ever meet,” Jessica Cooper, the girls’ aunt cried. “They used to fight like cats and dogs over who could do what the best, but they were perfect, they were perfect.”

As the family mourns the loss of their loved ones, they asked for one thing.

"We need prayers."

Which is what some people are already doing.

Throughout the day stuffed toys, cards, and flowers were left in front of the home, a couple people even prayed in front of the house.

Neighbor, Izzy Hunt, said she will always remember waving at the girls as they played outside. She left a note along with a stuffed flamingo that read, “To the sweet girls, I will miss waving at ya’ll every day. May God be with each of you.”

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