Forest Hill house fire one of many this winter in Louisiana

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FOREST HILL, La. (KALB) - With all this cold weather it feels nice to get inside next to a fireplace, or a space heater, or just with the thermostat cranked up. But, unfortunately, it's more common for house fires to happen during those moments.

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Something Marty Floyd knows firsthand after his home of 18 years caught fire on Tuesday.

"My whole driveway was filled with fire trucks," said Floyd. "I love my porch, I love my house. And I came way too far to watch it go up."

He had the furnace on to keep his family warm. But one bad wire, and next thing he knew his home was up in flames.

"That's when the flames started coming out of the wall,” described Floyd. “And we evacuated and called 911."

Floyd, along with multiple firefighters put out the fire in about 45 minutes. For the most part, the damage stayed underneath Floyd’s home, but it was still enough to take a toll.

"Well we can't live in the house,” expressed Floyd. “Water damage, plus all the wiring is fried. My insurance is covering everything, and it will put me up in a motel. But my mother lives across the road, so I'll probably be staying with them."

This isn't the only recent house fire around the state. Since the cold weather moved in, the Louisiana Fire Marshals have had quite a hand full.

"Since the cold set in we have responded to about 35 fire investigations,” explained State Fire Marshal Butch Browning. “Some include multiple fire deaths."

That's why earlier this week they issued an emergency alert for the state, with the goal of keeping residents safe during this cold weather.

"The alert number one, make sure people install smoke alarms in their homes,” said Fire Marshal Browning. “Second thing you shouldn't use space heaters unless you are awake and attending to them. We discourage the use of them while you are sleeping. We have also already experienced fires where people are using their stoves to heat their home. So we discourage the use of a stove top or an oven turned on high to heat a home."

Moving forward, Floyd is starting to get his home back in order, keeping in mind that it could've been a lot worse.

"I was very, very lucky to save my house,” expressed Floyd. “Plus, nobody was hurt."

And he even came away with a few helpful tips of his own.

"There's nothing more important than family,” said Floyd. “Get that out first. All my guns were in there, hey, the house wasn't that important until my family got out."

For more on this emergency alert, check out the attached link.

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