Fort Polk & JRTC rotations set to pick back up in June

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FORT POLK, La. (KALB) - Fort Polk originally planned to host soldiers from 13 different states this month for training. However, the COVID-19 threat forced the U.S. Army to cancel the April rotation.

Fort Polk and JRTC's Commanding General, Patrick D. Frank announced the post will continue its normal rotation schedule. | Source: KALB

Fort Polk and JRTC say they're looking forward to training again in June.

"The operations group and their planners are now focused on the month of June," Brigadier General (BG) Patrick D. Frank, the Command General of Fort Polk and JRTC said. "We will continue to do all of our rotation planning for the month of June, and then subsequent month behind that."

The soldiers originally scheduled for the April rotation will not make their way to Louisiana until next year.

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