Fort Polk and VPSB partner to fund education initiative

Image Source: MGN

FORT POLK, La. (Fort Polk Progress) - “A good education is the foundation for a better quality of life and the economic success of the community.” These words, spoken by Fort Polk Progress President Mike Reese, say it all and are the driving force behind the Education Initiative, a program spear-headed by Fort Polk Progress in the areas surrounding Louisiana’s military installations.

This week, Fort Polk Progress partnered with Vernon Parish School District (VPSD) to fund updates to the District’s website. One of the four goals of the Education Initiative is to develop and implement an effective communication and outreach plan between the VPSD and all stakeholders that fully supports parents and families.

The website upgrade will promote two-way communication between schools and the community, coordinate outreach activities as needed to engage stakeholders and disseminate information about school improvements and academic achievements on a regular basis.

Most importantly, the website update will provide parents much-needed information regarding their student’s education: opportunities available, registration requirements, calendar events, and safety updates; as well as information specifically needed by military families coming into the area. The website is expected to be completely updated by July 1.

As part of the update individual school websites will mirror the VPSD site; giving them the same look and feel. The website will be compatible with many different media platforms including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

“We are very appreciative for the funding Fort Polk Progress has provided,” stated Renita Page, Vernon Parish Secondary Curriculum Director. “The internet has become the ‘go-to’ source of information for today’s families. With the added features of the new website, the VPSD will be relevant and responsive as parents make decisions for their student’s future.”

James Williams, Superintendent of Vernon Parish Schools added, “I appreciate the support of Fort Polk Progress in strengthening the relationship between the Vernon Parish School District, Fort Polk and the community. Through their support of this project and continuing leadership of the Education Initiative we will - Move Vernon Parish Schools from Good to Great!”

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