Fort Polk celebrates Veteran's Day at Warrior Field

Soldiers shaking hands with veteran's at Fort Polk's Warrior Field

Fort Polk, LA. (KALB) On Thursday, Fort Polk honored those who have served in various wars and conflicts ahead of Veteran's Day with a ceremony at Warrior Field. Among them, Leesville native Albert J. Dunn who was drafted during World War II and served as a paratrooper in the Army.

"13 months in the Philippines, Korea, and Japan. The Germans surrendered on May the 8th and I got my jump wings on May the 11th of 1945."

Col. David "Gregg" Athey, Fort Polk and JRTC Garrison Commander, spoke at Thursday's service. He says it's always an honor to be in the presence of America's veterans.

"Anytime that we can actually honor the veterans, particularly in the wars and conflicts prior to me coming in, it's just a real privilege to pay tribute to those fine service members."

Service members that Col. Athey says younger generations of soldiers look up to. As a Tank Platoon Leader during the Gulf War, Col. Athey recalls the wisdom of his Platoon Sergeant, a Vietnam Veteran.

"He was the classic, as I mentioned in my speech, grizzled, crusty, non-commissioned officer who was really set in his ways and I was a brand new, naive lieutenant. He, of course, had 20 plus years of experience with tanks so the skills that he was able to teach me were completely invaluable."