GRAPHIC: Alligator spotted with knife lodged in skull

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SUGAR LAND, Tx. (KPRC) - Residents of Sugar Land, Texas are worried about an alligator, not because of the dangers of the reptile itself, but because of what someone did to it.

Neighbors were shocked that someone would stab one of the alligators living near their community after spotting one with a knife protruding from its head. | Photo Source: NBC / KPRC

The gator is in Pumpkin Lake, which backs up to Cullinan Park, and neighbors said they've seen it swimming around with a knife poking out of its head.

"I love animals, especially our gators around here," Erin Weaver said.

Weaver said she saw the alligator with the knife in its head around 6 a.m. Thursday while it was perched atop some rocks. The knife appears to be near the gator's eye, and Weaver is worried for its health.

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