Gov. Edwards establishes criminal justice reform oversight council

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BATON ROUGE, La. (Press Release) - Governor John Bel Edwards has issued an executive order creating the Governor’s Justice Implementation Oversight Council as part of the bipartisan and comprehensive sentencing and corrections reforms he signed into law earlier this year.

“Now that Louisiana has started the critical and important process of reforming our criminal justice system to better protect public safety, hold offenders accountable, control costs and reinvest those savings to further improve the system, I want to make certain that the people of our state are served in the best way possible and that they have the utmost confidence in the work taking place,” said Governor Edwards. “This oversight council will be responsible for reviewing the performance of the cost-effective and evidenced-based reforms, working with the Dept. of Corrections and stakeholders, as well as advising the best use of reinvestment dollars and monitoring the use of those funds. We have an extraordinary opportunity, and this council will help ensure we are on the right path to achieving our goals and the reforms are producing the maximum results.”

The Council will be inter-branch and bipartisan, composed of eleven (11) at-large members, including representatives of criminal justice agencies and legislators, designated by the governor. Their duties will include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Track and advise the Louisiana Dept. Corrections (LDOC) and other relevant state and local agencies on the implementation of policy changes required by the Justice Reinvestment legislation.

• Engage criminal justice stakeholders to promote cross-agency, cross-sector communication and problem-solving.

• Receive and review performance metric data and make recommendations based on that data to further safely reduce the prison population.

• Make recommendations on the best uses for reinvestment dollars and monitor the use of those dollars.

• Publish an annual report on the implementation progress, performance metrics, recommendations and other relevant task force activities.

The Council will also be required to submit an annual report to the governor by December 31, 2018, and each subsequent year, outlining the review of the Justice Reinvestment Implementation plan created by LDOC.

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