Gov. Edwards proposing a reworked budget plan for teacher pay raise

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Gov. John Bel Edwards has recently been taking some heat after campaigning to give teachers another pay raise. There was no such raise in his recent budget proposal.

Teacher pay raises have been one of the biggest asks from the state’s largest teachers union for years. | Source: Pixabay via MGN

Now, the governor is reworking a budget proposal that would include a $500 increase for public school teachers.

This comes after Gov. Edwards campaigned for reelection last year with the support of teacher unions and pledged to raise the pay in a multi-year process, but didn't include a teacher pay hike in his budget proposal for next year.

The governor and lawmakers gave a $1,000 salary boost to teachers this year, but after hearing the governor didn't include a teacher pay hike in his budget proposal for next year, many were left disappointed, including teachers here at home.

“We feel disrespected, and unappreciated,” Tioga English teacher Gabrielle Hooper explained. “If you want someone to stay in Louisiana or even want to be a teacher, you need to raise that salary."

The debate over teacher pay is expected to stretch across the legislative session which starts in March.

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