Governor Edwards keeping an eye on 'significant' tropical disturbance

MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) - The Governor's Office has all eyes weather expected to hit Louisiana over the weekend.

Governor John Bel Edwards said he spoke with GOHSEP Tuesday morning. They are working closely with federal partners at FEMA and the National Weather Service to get a better handle on what to expect.
He said right now they are expecting three to eight inches of rain in parts of the state.

“This is significant and we have to be ready,” Governor Edwards said.

The Governor said we have some challenging situations across the state, especially in New Orleans, although their electricity generation and pump capacity is stronger than it has been in recent years.

"We take nothing for granted,” Governor Edwards said. “We are going to be communicating with folks all across the state. We do need for individuals to pay attention to the weather, and to local elected officials, in case there is some advisories that they have to put out.”

He said they are not expecting any wind damage, but to remain cautious.

“Sometimes people will take that lightly, but water is a significant hazard,” Governor Edwards said. “We certainly don't want people driving through standing water if they don't know for sure that they can safely get through it. That is how we typically have most of the fatalities when we have a weather event. So, we ask people to be very, very cautious."