Grant Parish candidates introducing themselves to the community

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GRANT PARISH, La. (KALB) - In Grant Parish, we have been keeping a close eye on local elections, especially the race for Sheriff and District 22 State Representative.

More than 100 people attending "Meet the Candidates 2019" in Grant Parish. | Photo Source: KALB

The Grant Parish Chamber of Commerce held "Meet the Candidates 2019" on Thursday evening, giving all candidates a chance to express their plans, ideals, and values before the October 12 election.

More than 100 people attended the forum that was located at the Dry Prong Community Center.

In the crowd, about 17 candidates for local, regional, and state elections were able to introduce themselves to the community, something Deidre Fuqua, a board member of the Grant Parish Chamber of Commerce and Director of Grant Parish Library, said is important.

"This gives them the perfect time to come and listen to the candidates themselves,” Fuqua explained. “And read their body language, and see how they interact with everyone else, and form their own opinion."

There were many familiar faces at Meet the Candidates 2019. There were also a few new faces. One candidate even admitting politics is not his strong suit.

"I’ve never run before, campaigning isn't necessarily my comfort zone, but I can tell you this, I work," the candidate said.

Each candidate was given five minutes to answer a question every voter wants to know: why are you running?

From financial issues, like raising taxes, to personal problems in the community, such as bullying, all candidates were able to share their values and what they plan to do if elected.

Cephas Bowie Jr., President of the Grant Parish Chamber of Commerce, said that’s the purpose of the event.

"So, that when we go to the polls in October, we can make an informed decision about which candidate that we will support," Bowie said. He also added that the forum will help voter turnout tremendously.

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