Grant Parish manhunt ends after suspect adds deputy on Snapchat

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GRANT PARISH, La. (KALB) - Following a three month investigation, the Grant Parish Sheriff’s Office arrested Larry Wayne Chesser and Trenda Morgan for molestation, aggravated crimes against nature, and sexual battery.

Back in January, GPSO asked for help locating 61-year-old Larry Wayne Chesser, and on February 10 he was captured at a restaurant in Alexandria following a Snapchat incident.

Snapchat is a free, multimedia messaging app.

While on the run, Chesser added GPSO’s Deputy Sheriff Krisalyn Bonnette as a friend on Snapchat.

"It was early on a Saturday morning and I noticed where somebody had added me on Snapchat so I checked the notification and it said Larry Chesser,” Deputy Bonnette explained. “And I instantly recognized the name."

Chesser thought the deputy would be an easy target.

"He started asking me for places to stay cause he wanted to get me a hotel room to stay the night, he started advising that he would buy me drugs, buy me alcohol, he got really comfortable with me," the deputy said.

After Deputy Bonnette consulted with her captain and Sheriff McCain, she added him back.

“I asked him do I know you and instantly all he said was let's meet."

While exchanging messages the 61-year-old and deputy planned to meet up at a restaurant in Alexandria. That’s where law enforcement met him and arrested him, according to GPSO’s Sheriff McCain.

“I didn't understand how he could get in touch with her, this random person,” Sheriff McCain said. “What we've learned is, if you're within a certain proximity of anybody that's on Snapchat if the setting is on public and it's not restricted to a private setting, you can see anybody within your area."

But the good news is, putting your page on private is super easy. All you do is go to settings, scroll down to the “who can section,” tap on view my story and select my friends.

The app is a gold mine for predators and that's why the Grant Parish Sheriff's Office wants to keep the public informed.

“When you're able to see some random person's address and a photo of their house, this is a big deal,” Sheriff McCain said. “Please take a few minutes and talk to your child or grandchild, and say hey here's why we need to make these changes, and it's for your safety."

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