Grant Parish mother and daughter share their coronavirus experience

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GRANT PARISH, La. (KALB) - On Sunday, we learned about a Grant High School student testing positive for COVID-19. The last time the student was in school was on Friday, March 13, which was the day she began feeling sick.

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After speaking with the student and her mother, News Channel Five learned more about Bailee White and her experience with the coronavirus.

Aimee White, Bailee’s mother, said that people have been worse than the virus itself.

“It wasn't like we went out to go get this virus and spread it to people, it was not our choice,” Aimee expressed.

On Sunday night, Aimee received the phone call no mother wants to answer during this: Bailee’s coronavirus tests came back positive.

"I went to school Friday, and I was fine,” Bailee explained. “But as the day and the morning went on and I was starting to move and everything, my body started hurting and I started coughing more and more.”

That's when the Grant High School student knew something was wrong.

"So, I texted my mom and said can you get me down to the nurse," Bailee said.

After being sent to the school's nurse, Bailee was tested for flu and strep, both tests came back negative.

“So then my nurse at the school called my mom and told my mom to call my primary care doctor to see what I need to do,” Bailee explained. “They told me to just go to the hospital."

So, the family went to Cabrini Hospital.

“We waited in the waiting room for a while, they ran tests, x-rays and everything,” Aimee said. “So, they said the last test we have is the coronavirus test and I was like 'okay, my kid doesn't have coronavirus.'"

After they left Cabrini on Friday, they were directed to self-quarantine for 48 hours.

"But I never got a call back,” Aimee added. “I was like it's Monday I need to know, I'm missing work. So, I called back and I’m like 'hey, who do I need to speak to?' I spoke to eight different people."

As they waited for the test results, Bailee's symptoms became worse. So, the two went back to the hospital on Saturday.

"I let them know what was going on and asked what was the procedures we needed to take because we had been tested for the coronavirus and we were on a 48-hour quarantine, and they're like 'just come to the front and we'll get her situated' and Bailee has seizures as well and once her body gets in distress it can put her into seizures."

When they returned home that same night, Aimee gave her daughter NyQuil.

“Once I got the NyQuil, I just went to sleep because I was really tired,” Bailee said. “But, when I woke up Sunday morning she gave me some DayQuil. I was up and doing anything…I was just my normal self.

Bailee hasn't had any symptoms since March 15, two days after she began feeling sick.

“We definitely praise God and thank everybody for all of the prayers,” Aimee added. “Because, it truly has worked, we're good, we're ready to live life again."

As the pandemic continues, Aimee and Bailee are asking for the community to stay educated, open-minded, respectful, and support those who are affected by this virus.

Bailee will get tested again for the coronavirus on Friday, and will continue quarantining until March 31.

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