Grant Parish prepares for severe weather this weekend

GRANT PARISH, La. (GPSO) - Sheriff Steven McCain of Grant Parish had a briefing with the National Weather Center Saturday morning. He said the biggest threats the area faces so far are strong winds and possible tornadoes.

Photo Source: KALB

“You need to be expecting power outages and it may be for several days that you’re going to be without power," McCain said. "Wind is still our biggest threat. And now tornadoes have been added to the mix. So if you’ve got stuff outside, go secure it and bring it in. It’ll turn into flying missiles. And the winds, once they start, they’re telling me they’re going to last for 12 to 15 hours which is going to be all night long and into tomorrow morning. If there is good news to this, they’re not expecting a lot of rain in Grant Parish. They’re telling me six inches is going to be the most and that’s going to be spread out over Saturday, Saturday and Sunday with the heaviest rain of all being on the eastern side of grant parish.”

McCain also added that he wants people to stay off the roads from 8 tonight until noon Sunday.

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