'Grant's Caring Angels' helps feed children in need

COLFAX, La. (KALB) - When Grant's Caring Angels formed back in December they had no idea that they'd be working to help others during a pandemic about six months later.
"We were crawling, learning to crawl. And all of a sudden we had to learn how to run when this hit,” said the group's Secretary-Treasurer, Barbara Nugent.
The group was contacted by the Grant Parish School Board about working together to help families of students who were not able to get food assistance through the Baylor University “Meals by Mail Program”. Some of these students rely on the meals they get at school.

Grant's Caring Angels loads boxes of food into vehicles. | Source: KALB

"Students were able to sign up through the schools to receive meals by mail for the time that they would have typically been in school getting breakfast and lunch each day. However, there were a lot of children who did not sign up in time or for whatever reason...errors...did not get on the Baylor program,” said Nugent.
To start helping out students, the school board provided an application for families to fill out, made a list of names with those applications and gave that list to Grant's Caring Angels. From there, a drive-thru food pick up was started, allowing families to stop by and pick up pre-packed boxes of food with enough in them to last for two weeks.
Nugent says that because the group wasn't financially prepared for this, they've had to use money out of their own pockets at times. But, they recently received a grant from the United Way of Central Louisiana that's helping them continue with their mission of feeding children in need in their community. The drive-thru food pick up is held two days a week every two weeks at a location in Colfax.

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