Harvey rescue brings together Bunkie alumni

HOUSTON, Tx. (KALB) - Thousands of people have been rescued in the South Texas area after Hurricane Harvey swept through, and one of those braving the floods to lend a hand was Bunkie native Joshua Bott.

"It is good seeing people coming together and I couldn't see myself sitting at home and not helping out when I know I could," said Bott.

Bott graduated from Bunkie high in 1996 and moved to the Houston area about a year ago. He said he's rescued nearly 50 people over the last several days.

"It is just kind of unreal," said Bott.

But one rescue in particular really caught his eye.

"I was sitting there having a normal conversation and I looked at his shirt and saw he had a Bunkie High School football shirt on so I started asking where he got it," said Bott.

Turns out his name is Eddie Scott and is also a graduate of Bunkie High School.

"Always seem to run into someone from the parish. He said he used to go there and graduated and played quarterback, I posted the picture on Facebook, turned out I went to school with his youngest brother,” said Bott. “Everybody said he's probably the best quarterback they ever had."

And even with a problem this big in the big city, you can find that big heart from your small world.

"You just realize how small the world is, lending out a helping hand when we are actually way over here and you really don't know who you are helping out, might reach back and touch somebody from where you grew up. It's a good thing it comes back around," said Bott.

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