UPDATE: Hearing continues to see if Julius Patrick principal can keep job

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - A hearing continues this week at the Rapides Parish School Board where a disciplinary judge will decide the employment of Julius Patrick Principal Dr. Norvella Williams.

Superintendent Authement placed Williams on leave back in October.

Almost two weeks ago he testified that an employee notified the central office of allegations that Dr. Williams had helped an employee evade a drug test.

Wednesday the Director of Risk Management Roy Rachal was questioned about surveillance footage that shows the substitute teacher who allegedly evaded the test, and in a separate video another employee who allegedly assisted Williams.

They talked at length about time frames of the video, in accordance with call log evidence between the substitute and the other teacher. Williams' attorney also stressed that allegedly the employee talked with the substitute on the day of the surveillance footage (September 25) to tell him about the drug test. However, in the two videos shown, the employees are not see together.

After a recess for lunch, Human Resources Director Naomi Jones was questioned about Williams’ contract and her school performance scores.

"Dr. Williams' performance over the last several years is well within the effective range, correct," asked Williams' attorney Brian Blackwell.

"Based off of observations yes," Jones said.

Executive Assistant Superintendent Kim Bennett was questioned about the substitutes continued employment with RPSB.

"He skirted a drug test and lied about going to the doctor, those aren't causes for his termination as a sub," Blackwell asked.

"That is not my decision to make," Bennett said.

Blackwell also asked about alleged past efforts to get 'rid' of Williams.

"No sir, not with me here," Bennett said, referring to her position at the central office over the last few years.

"Dr. Jones made an effort to get rid of her when he was superintendent, did he not," Blackwell asked. Dr. Gary Jones was the Rapides Parish Superintendent from 2003 to 2012.

"I was at Tioga, I have no idea," Bennett said.

The hearing is expected to reconvene tomorrow at 9 a.m. The Rapides Parish attorney said they still have about 6 to 8 witnesses to go. After that, the judge will have a couple of days to make a decision.

Original Story:
A hearing was held the Rapides Parish School Board this week to make a decision on the employment of Julius Patrick's principal.

Superintendent Nason Authement placed Principal Dr. Norvella Williams on administrative leave back in October.

Authement testified at the hearing that an employee notified the central office of allegations that Dr. Williams had helped an employee evade a drug test.

The hearing was called to allow a disciplinary judge, from out of town, to make the final decision on if Dr. Williams is terminated, or not.

Friday, the judge heard from the employee and Superintendent Authement.

When the employee testified, Williams' attorney asked if Williams had ever asked him to be sick on any occasion during the time of the drug test. He replied that she had not.

Superintendent Authement was asked why he feels Dr. Williams should be terminated.

"In my opinion, her actions were so blatantly egregious in averting a drug screen," Authement testified. "But, also engaging the efforts of a subordinate employee under her charge to act as a scapegoat. The measures she went to cover up her actions is beyond me."

Both parties did not want to comment until the hearing is over. They will meet again April 10 at 9 a.m.