Hixson awards Menard High with a check

Tina Carney from Hixson Autoplex giving Principal Dwayne Lemoine and Monica DeLacerda a check for $1,160.00 from the “Drive One 4 UR School” event. (Photo Credit: Menard Alumni Relations)

ALEXANDRIA, La. (Menard Alumni Relations) - A representative from Hixson Autoplex gave out a sizable check at Holy Savior Menard Central High School on Thursday.

Tina Carney awarded $1,160 dollars to Menard principal Dwayne Lemonie and faculty member Monica DeLacerda, which was earned by the students, parents, staff, and alumni who participated in Hixson’s “Drove One 4 UR School” event back in November.

The money will be used to benefit the International Culture Club at the school, which Monica DeLacerda is the faculty advisor of.

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