Honoring the sacrifices of military children

Leesville, LA. (KALB) "Augusta, El Paso, Korea..." Army Chief Warrant Officer Two Wesley Truman and his wife, Keri count the places they've lived as they sit in the living room of their Fort Polk home. "No! Biloxi. That's eight," said CW2 Truman.

Ethan Truman is Leesville's High School's Student of the Year. As a military child, he's lived in 3 countries and 8 states.

If you ask a military family where they're from, you might have to wait a minute for a response.

"States, I'd have to count..like 8 or 9," said their son, Ethan.

Leesville High School's Student of the Year, Ethan, a Senior is on his third high school. Although he has had to start over every few years, he says being a military kid has its perks.

"I get to experience other cultures. Not many kids can say they've lived in the United States, England and South Korea. I've definitely thought about what it would be like to be with a team from my Freshman year of high school to my Senior year of high school. It would be great to do that but it's also great to be able to play with a bunch of different people."

But it also means mom or dad won't always be there. Ethan's dad, CW2 Truman has been deployed three times in his 15 year career.

"Whether it's something as simple as one of the kid's kindergarten graduations or sports games or some sort of other accolade that they've received at school that I haven't been able to be a part of...I wish we were able to be there more but that's what we've grown to expect."

And while military children understand why those sacrifices are made...

"It's something that as a military child you have to live with and you have to understand that there are jobs out there that need to be done," said Ethan.

Service member appreciate all the sacrifices their families make too.

"They're always having to adapt to new changes and I know that's challenging because when I go from duty station to duty station, I have to adapt but I'm still doing pretty much the same job everywhere I go. But the kids, the schools, her (Keri) job, it's not the same."

Ethan plans to follow in dad's foot steps and join the military. He's narrowed down his college choices to West Point and the Air Force Academy. Dad's a little conflicted as prior Air Force, but the choice is obvious.

"I think all my Army peers would really get me if I didn't say West Point," CW2 Truman laughed. "So I'd say West Point."

In May, Ethan will be recognized by Fort Polk's Commanding General for being named LHS Student of the Year.