Hospitals need blood before storm makes landfall


ALEXANDRIA, La. (Lifeshare Blood Center) - With severe weather planning to impact the region later this week, LifeShare Blood Center is asking for blood donors to give blood ahead of the storm.

“Historically, LifeShare donors have turned out to help after major events like September 11th, Hurricane Katrina, and other disasters,” said LifeShare Regional Director Jessica Sears. “But it’s the blood on the shelves before the rain begins to fall that helps save lives during and after the storm.”

Blood donated with LifeShare goes through extensive testing to make sure it’s safe to transfuse. This process takes about 48 hours. Donors who want to help need to donate as soon as possible to ensure the blood is ready in time.

LifeShare has many mobile drives planned for the week that could be canceled because of the weather. The most up-to-date drive information can always be found at

Our fixed donor centers are planning to stay open as long as it is safe for our staff.

Donors in Central Louisiana can give at the Alexandria Donor Center, 2051 North Mall Dr. The center is open:

Wednesday, July 10, 8am-4pm,
Thursday, July 11, 8am-4pm
Friday, July 12, 8am-3pm
Saturday, July 13, 8am-1pm

Donors with questions can call 409-838-5289.

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