How about a feral hog on your plate for dinner?

Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / Wikipedia / MGN

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - A small Louisiana slaughterhouse has a big mission: getting restaurants and home cooks to take a bite out of the state's $76 million-plus in annual damage from feral hogs.

Springfield Slaughter House's main business is butchering wild boar, which otherwise would be gobbling crops, competing with local wildlife and ripping up levees, fragile wetlands and other green spaces. It sells the meat to restaurants and sausage to groceries.

Area chefs praise its taste and have turned the meat into savory prosciutto, chorizo and meatballs. And this is a state that takes its food seriously, and has the James Beard awards to back it up.

The program's modeled after a much bigger one in Texas, which suffers an estimated $400 million or more in annual feral hog damage.

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