How hot is your car? You'll be surprised!

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - You’ll be fascinated to know how fast it takes for your vehicle to heat up during the hot summer months, especially on a sunny day.

For example, if it is 80 degrees outside and you park your vehicle for say, just ten minutes, the temperature inside the vehicle would be 99 degrees. Under those same conditions, after 20 minutes, your vehicle can rise to 109 degrees. Within a half hour, it will rise to 114 degrees. After one hour, the inside of your vehicle would be a scorching 123 degrees.

That’s a staggering rise in temperatures of 43 degrees in just one hour that your vehicle heats up being parked while only 80 degrees outside. Breaking that down even further, that is roughly a rise of point 0.7 degrees per minute.

Another example of rapid warming in a vehicle is when it is 73 degrees outside, temperatures inside a vehicle can reach a whopping 100 degrees in just 25 minutes!

Clearly, the sun is quite a powerful heating source towards heating up your car or truck, hence the staggering rise in temperatures during certain time frames, especially within just one hour.

Unfortunately, every year, several children and pets pass away after being left in hot vehicles. Interestingly enough, even cracking your window open doesn’t significantly slow down the overall heating process, nor decreases the overall maximum temperatures measured inside your car or truck. To prevent any such occurrences of death towards your pets or kids, please never leave them in an unattended car or truck, never under any circumstances as there is no excuse for that happening.

If you need reminders, find something to help you remember to check your back seat for children and pets before you leave the vehicle.

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