Hunters and fishermen make their way to the Woodworthing Shooting Range for a celebration

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WOODWORTH, La. (KALB) - Saturday morning, hunters and fishermen from across Central Louisiana made their way to the Woodworth Shooting Range to celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day.

Children and adults participated in celebrating National Hunting and Fishing Day | KALB

“National Hunting and Fishing Day is designed to introduce people to the outdoors,” Kenny Sayes said. “There are some children shooting bow-and-arrows, but they are also learning about fish, snakes, and frogs.”

Several children said they were having a good time at the event, and they were also learning a lot.

“I am having a lot of fun,” Brennen Lee, a child participating in the celebration said. “My favorite part is shooting the guns.”
Louisiana Department of Wildlife said more 10,000 people statewide participated in celebrating Nation Hunting and Fishing Day.

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