I-14 expansion bill introduced, improving connections to Fort Polk

Image Source: Fort Polk Progress

WASHINGTON D.C. (Fort Polk Progress) - Members of Congress from Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi are co-sponsoring legislation introduced June 14th to expand the congressionally designated Interstate 14 corridor across the three states.

U.S. Rep. Brian Babin, a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, introduced the I-14 Expansion and Improvement Act of 2018 bill with co-sponsors that include Representative Mike Johnson and Congressman Ralph Abraham.

The corridor currently runs from west Texas to the Texas-Louisiana border, generally following US 190.

The proposed legislation would extend the corridor eastward following highways LA 8, LA 28 and US 84 in Louisiana through Leesville, Fort Polk, Alexandria, Pineville and Vidalia, where it would cross the Mississippi River.

Fort Polk Progress President Michael Reese was in Washington D.C. for the introduction of the bill.

"This legislation will make Fort Polk more accessible and strengthen its connections to other military installations in Texas and Mississippi," Reese said. "This allows for more opportunities for growth, collaboration and military readiness across the military bases in these states."

Reese expressed his appreciation for the Louisiana congressmen co-sponsoring the bill.

"We're grateful for Congressman Johnson and Congressman Abraham's support and efforts toward moving this bill forward," Reese said. "With their help, this expansion will hopefully become a reality in the near future."

In the meantime, Reese stressed the importance of planning for this future infrastructure.

"It's important for communities along the proposed interstate expansion to prepare for the potential impact it will have," Reese said. "The possible benefits of this expansion are truly endless."

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