J.I. Barron students make a book about the New Orleans Saints

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - A group of students at J.I. Barron Elementary School are now experts on the New Orleans Saints after spending the last year writing a book about them.

J.I. Barron book called "Love Our Saints" being showcased at a release party. | Photo Credit: KALB

They celebrated this accomplishment with a book release party on Friday.

Angel Maxey and Susie Ingram's second grade class teamed up with Pre-K students to become 'book buddies'. Each team was given a member of the Saints to research and write about.

They also used the book title "Love Our Saints" as a hashtag and interacted with New Orleans players like Alvin Kamara and Drew Brees on Twitter.

"The most gratifying part of this whole process is just seeing the growth they make,” said Maxey. “In the beginning of the year when I get them in second grade, they're really scared to write and I have some that just shut down and don’t want to write but throughout the entire year they really gain the knowledge and skills they need to become a writer."

After 6 years at J.I. Barron, Maxey is leaving to become a mentor teacher at North Bayou Rapides Elementary but said she and Ingram plan to use the internet to stay in touch as book buddies.

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