Jackpot business: La. Lottery CEO visits Cenla

ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - The lottery industry is booming and jackpots are hitting historic numbers fairly often these days. Louisiana Lottery President and CEO Rose J. Hudson paid a visit to Cenla and explained how a lot of that industry works.

Image Source: MGN

Hudson said lately a lot more players wait to purchase tickets until there's a jackpot worth $500 Billion or more up for grabs. They're also creating a mobile app that will help players keep track of any potential winning tickets.

One common question that Hudson gets is how much of the money raised goes toward education. She said in the initial phase of starting the Louisiana Lottery, policymakers could not quite agree on how much of that money would go to K-12 schools, so an initial dedication to funding was not established until 2003.

"35-percent of their annual revenue goes toward education...about $170 Million," Hudson said. "Once that money leaves us, we don't have any control over that. But we're constantly looking for new ways to increase our sales."

The Louisiana Lottery collects more than $9 Million each year in unclaimed prize money, which goes back into the jackpot to boost sales. You may want to check your couch now!

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