Jason Wright sentenced to 40 years for September 2017 standoff in Avoyelles

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MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) - Last month, Jason Wright was found guilty of one count of attempted second-degree murder, and two counts of attempted manslaughter. This was following a standoff with police on Highway 454 in September 2017.

Source: KALB

Wright was back in court on Tuesday morning for his sentencing.

You’ll remember Wright was arrested after a standoff in the Ruby area, where he was barricaded in a trailer. The Avoyelles Parish Sheriff's Office came in search of a burglary suspect and as they were searching the home for stolen items, they found that Wright was living there.

Wright pulled out a shotgun, fired it at the door, and Detective Mike Simmons shot back three times. Captain Jeremiah Honea and Detective Casey Threeton were behind Detective Simmons.

No one was hurt, and Wright was arrested.

He was originally charged with three counts of attempted first-degree murder, but a jury convicted him of one count of the lower charges.
Before Judge William Bennett sentenced Wright on Tuesday, the defense made one last effort to lighten the load. They asked that the judge drop the attempted manslaughter charges.

Defense attorney, Chad Guillot, filed the motion because he claimed Wright didn't know the second two officers were there during the incident.

But, Judge Bennett said it was brought up in trial that all three officers announced their presence when they were searching the trailer, and another person living with Wright told him multiple police were in the home.

So the judge denied the motion and sentenced wright to 40 years for the first charge, and 20 years each for the second and third charges. Judge Bennett also ruled that all sentences will run concurrent and that Wright will receive credit for time served.

"I think the jury got it right, and the judge got it right,” said District Attorney Charlie Riddle. “All the detectives and sheriff's office employees are very satisfied with the 40-year sentence. Certainly, we think there was enough evidence. And Tony Salario and Derek Manuel did a great job."

"Of course I feel bad for the defendant,” expressed Guillot. “When it ends up this way, you don't ever want to see that. But the jury thought otherwise and certainly, that's their prerogative to do so."

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