Judge grants motion to sever charges in Joseph Elie case

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KALB) - Joseph Elie, III, was back in court on Monday for his charges on drug possession with intent to distribute and firearm possession by a convicted felon.

Joseph Michael Elie, III | Photo Source: Source: APD

His attorney Chris LaCour is asking Judge Mary Doggett to sever the two drug charges from the firearm charge because he claims they aren’t related.

LaCour told the judge Elie was arrested related to a shooting, and when police were searching his mother’s home where he was living, they found marijuana. He said several months later, police found more drugs in Elie’s girlfriend’s home.

However, Assistant District Attorney Brian Mosley said the police investigating the homes, no matter the time frame, was all part of the same transaction and that the charges should stay.

Ultimately, Judge Doggett granted the motion to sever the two drug charges from the firearm charge because of the time length between arrests. The state will prosecute the two drug charges.

LaCour also filed a motion to suppress evidence, but that is set to be heard on June 19. Elie’s trial on these charges is set for June 24.

You’ll remember Elie was the man convicted of manslaughter for the 1994 beating and stabbing death of 84-year-old Rita Rabalais in Alexandria. He is also charged with attempted aggravated arson, second-degree battery, and aggravated arson charges from a January 2019 arrest. There will be a discovery conference on the arson case on July 24.

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